Quality Assurance

MAC takes Quality Assurance seriously and maintains staff with many years of experience in QA/QC, Reliability Engineering, Materials and Process, and Failure Analysis. MAC is committed to providing high quality products and services and applies quality assurance procedures to the development of analyses, software applications, and hardware elements and systems. Every analysis project is planned and reviewed by senior staff to ensure high confidence in all analytical results. MAC employs only well proven custom and commercial codes in all analyses and these codes are applied by experienced engineers. In design and fabrication hardware projects, senior staff reviews each design at concept, preliminary, and pre-fabrication milestones. Fabrication is performed by vendors that have shown through prior work that they can meet or exceed the MAC specified design and fabrication requirements and where appropriate, MAC provides on site review of vendor processes and procedures. Critical elements are subjected to thorough receiving inspections to assure compliance with design requirements. MAC purchases materials and hardware only from reputable vendors and obtains certificates of compliance for all critical materials and hardware elements (in compliance with project requirements). When vendor data is insufficient or otherwise unavailable, MAC will determine the quality of the purchased (COTS) elements through specifically designed testing. In larger program efforts MAC employs requirements management and traceability through the development and tracking of requirements verification traceability matrices (RVTMs) to ensure requirements are tracked in design from the top level program requirements through design level requirements and to assure that requirements are verified appropriately.

MAC applies industry recognized design margins in all aspects of hardware and software development and proves compliance with project requirements through well defined qualification testing and acceptance testing of production level elements. MAC's Configuration Management procedures are employed to track the state of all MAC developed hardware and software systems thereby enabling rapid response to customer issues and concerns.

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