Measurement Analysis Corporation

The IRML provides Independent Recording Systems Engineering, Test & Evaluation Services pertainting to all aspects of Data Storage Technology, including the following:

Trade Studies & Selection of Recording Systems & Media

Recording System & Media Specification Preparation, Management & Document Distribution

Combined Environments Test & Evaluation of Media & Recording Systems for Operation, Transportation, Handling & Storage.

Media Acquisition, Screening and Certification Services

Development of Special Media Handling & Test Equipment

Reliability Engineering Analysis, Defect ID & Corrective Action, QA/QC Procedures.

Design Analysis & Computer Modeling for All Aspects of Recording Technology Including Tape Transport Guiding, Head-Media Interaction, Error Correction & Formatting, Media Coating & Substrate Material Performance, Tape Pack Tension Profile & Relaxation.

MAC's IRML is the Compliance Verification Entity, CVE, for the Linear Tape-Open, LTO, small format Ultrium magnectic tape data cartridges.

"Linear Tape-Open, LTO, and Ultrium are registered trademarks of HP, IBM and Quantum in the US and other countries."